How To Find Your Model and Mark Numbers

Step 1 - Locate your id label

Id Label

For ladders manufactured after 2001: Locate your ID Label to identify your model and mark numbers as show in the illustration. On an attic ladder, if you don’t find a label that includes a mark (MK) number and a label or ink stamp indicates that ladder was manufactured by Kentucky Ladder or Werner Ladder use 3 as your mark number. Please note: this can only be applied to attic ladders.

Id Label (zoom)

Step 2 - Locate your code stamp

For ladders manufactured before 2001: Locate the Code Stamp to determine the mark (MK) number.

  • Fiberglass Stepladders – code stamp is on the underside of the bottom step
  • Aluminum Stepladders – code stamp is located under the bottom step or on the inside of either side rail below the bottom step
  • Fiberglass Extension Ladders – code stamp is on the outside of the aluminum rail shield at the foot of the ladder
  • Aluminum Extension Ladders – code stamp is located within 4 feet from the bottom on either the base or fly section.
Once you have located the code stamp, determine your mark number, it will be the first two digits following the first letter as shown.

Code Stamp Example:
Code Stamp Sample

Step 3 - Enter Model and Mark Numbers

Enter the model and mark (MK) numbers in the search box at the home page to obtain a list of available replacement parts for your ladder. Note, you should enter only the mark number found on your label, the letters “MK” or “Mark” are not needed as seen in the example below.

Id Label (zoom)

Step 4 - Contact Customer Service

If you are still having difficulties locating your model or mark numbers, please contact our Customer Service Department at (888)523-3370.